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Best USA CC Submit Sweepstakes – $20 per conversion!

Recently we have been split-testing a lot of landing pages to find out what the best performing user flow is on CC Submits. After lots of testing we found two offers that were consistently performing better than the others. In this short article we would like to provide you with some information regarding the best USA CC Submit sweepstakes that are available now at EagleCPA.

Btw.. in case you are already interested in running these, you can sign-up at EagleCPA. Your account is instantly approved!

$20 per USA conversion

After careful evaluation we concluded that Apple products convert like crazy, so we would like to highlight two of our top performing Apple product landing pages with you. Let’s start off with the first top performing CC Submit campaign:

Win iPhone 13 – US – CC Submit

Offer name: Win iPhone 13 – US – CC Submit
Payout: $20.00
EPC: $2.30

As you can see in the preview above this landing page is really clean and works great with a news article as pre-landing. We have been consistently getting great EPC with many traffic sources running push notifications. The user flow is really simple: user comes from pre-landing to offer -> enters e-mail password -> enters credit card information ignorer to verify their shipping address -> YOU GET PAID!

The Apple store, except it’s not..

Alright, so we’re promoting Apple products today, right? We have an amazing landing page that looks just like the Apple Store:

iPad Pro + Magic keyboard – US – CC Submit

This offer is surely going to boost your income for sure!

Offer name: iPad Pro + Magic keyboard – US – CC Submit
Payout: $20.00
EPC: $4.68

What more is there to tell? This truly is the best performing CC Submit campaign out there. The user flow is just AMAZING! The user lands on the landing page, which is an exact copy of the Apple store, they notice the iPad only costs $2 and start filling out the details. After a valid CC Submit (for the $2 charge) YOU GET PAID! Amazing right?

We mainly ran this offer with native ads, promoting an official Apple Discount, however please keep in mind that many traffic sources will not allow such campaigns. Ask your EagleCPA account manager or your traffic source support team how to promote these offers best.

Are you interested in running these offers? You can find them at EagleCPA! Register here.

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