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Case Study

French CC Submit Sweepstakes + Push = ROI 70%!

We would like to share a case study from an EagleCPA affiliate. He promoted our exclusive French CC Submit sweepstakes with in-page push ads from Richads. If you have any questions or if you would like to get started with our amazing offers please contact your account manager or create an account at EagleCPA.


  • GEO: France
  • Affiliate network: EagleCPA
  • Offer: Apple iWatch – CC Submit
  • Traffic: Richads
  • Ad format: In-page push notifications
  • Total spent: $950
  • Total revenue: $1612
  • Profit: $662

Creatives + marketing details

Since the user was redirected to my pre-landing page in which they had to choose their desired color and version of the iWatch I adapted my push notification creatives to this as well.

Title (translated to English): Pick & Collect an Apple iWatch for $2!
Description (translated to English): Mega sale! Only 49 pairs left. Buy now.

Image used as creative for the push notification ads

On the landing page they had to choose a model and color and then click next to enter their credit card details. This was the most difficult part of the user flow. in total I got around 50k clicks and only 43 conversions. This might not look like a lot but with a sky high payout of $37.50 this resulted in a whopping $1612 in gross revenue.


In total I spent $950 on in-page push ads and received $1612 from EagleCPA. As you can see CC Submits are a great vertical to promote. I would not recommend running CC Submits if you do not have a large budget because $950 really is the minimum to get started with these type of offers.

I would like to highlight my amazing account manager: Frank from EagleCPA. He truly helped me pick this offer. At first I didn’t believe it was possible to get good results with this type of offer but Frank really helped me decide and pick this amazing gold mine! Thanks a lot, Frank!

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